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December 13, 2010



Mike, you know I think you intellectually outrank every person in these United States but the Palin fanfest is too much for this Buckley conservative. Sorry, but how can she win over the moderates and lifelong O.G. (original gangsta) conservatives with her sound bite comebacks?
I do care who is writing her missives, and I'll bet she's reading them out loud while trying to sound out the big words.
Sorry, my friend....

Mike Rulle

Hey Weez!

I don't really understand the hate fest for Palin. Not at all. I can see how she can grate on people (I mean, I like her and she grates on me). She is polarizing (whether I like it or not). And maybe at the end of the day I cave and just agree with every one I know on this.

I am virtually certain (not 100%) that I do not know any people who really like her and very few people who do not out right dislike her. She appeals, I guess, to the non-coastal crowd (and me for some reason). I listed all the reasons the GOP dislike her and I think I have covered the territory on that. I can think of those reasons because I think I see why people feel that way.

But what I actually believe is people some how see her in a way that is not accurate. That is, if she put on a Mitt Romney "gorilla suit" (pick your favorite) and spoke with a TV news anchor accent she would be viewed differently. In any event, my opinion is not important (any more or less than any other person).

Assuming she decides to run (lets call that 50/50) she will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. And we can see how she really is in a competitive "heads to heads" competition. It will be obvious for all to see if she is qualified---or at least it should be.

Having said all of that, Palin was not the main point of my essay---she was the secondary point. The main point is we are on a highway to Hell as a nation and all of our smart and serious geniuses out there in GOP land are all focusing on derivative and short term issues. I was merely pointing out that Palin actually took a stand on long term entitlement reduction. Meanwhile, as a counter example, the "Mittster" is trying to be clever by opposing the proposed tax deal. He is posturing on this and that is extremely irritating. He is also wrong. Palin supports it. She is right for many reasons and he is wrong for many reasons.

This continues to be my point about her versus many other candidates. She is rarely wrong on the issues.

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