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March 04, 2010


John Lee

"Soylent Green"

Mike Rulle

I tried writing an article on that! But gave up too quickly. Must give it another go!!


Mike - I think most true progressives would agree with a lot of this. The current system of tax subsidies for employer-provided health plans is utterly absurd, both from an economic standpoint and in terms of social policy, and reinforces the very worst aspect of the current system - under which what I consider to be government obligations are shunted off onto the private sector.

I also agree with the issue of pricing transparency. I don't think there is any other sector of the economy (with the possible exception of military procurement or shady auto repair shops) where goods or services are furnished without the recipient having the slightest idea how much the bill will be. It's bad enough when the recipient is covered by insurance, even worse when he or she is not.

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