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January 13, 2010


Frank A. Shepard


I don't know many black people that disagree with what Reid said. It is true and unfortunately true among blacks as well and whites. Why should anyone have to apologize for telling the truth. He problem is the poor choice in using the word negro, we don't like that word anymore.

Mike Rulle

I agree, but only in part. Juan Williams was saying how among black people there can be implied racism (or skin-colorism) based on skin tone---it is an issue which is coming out of the closet. But that is exactly my point. The whole concept is absurd.

If black people agree with what Reid said (I was aware of that---notice I did not refer to black people as victims in this affair---but as collaborators)---at least among democrats in this instance, that makes Obama and Lee etc., as culpable as Reid---which they are.

If there is racialism/colorism, if not racism, among black people too then what Reid said may be "true"----but what may be "true" is not truth. The whole issue is ridiculous. It also raises the enormous question of hypocrisy within Democrat party---who are so quick to play the race card game.

I was trying to take this whole color concept to the the extreme to flush out its absurdity.

This does not change my opinion about Reid. Reid is a racist---or a "racialist" if you prefer a watered down term---and those who think what he said was okay are too. Do you really think he would say what he said about Thomas if he knew he couldn't get away with it? He knew he could get away with it because liberals agree with Reid on the Thomas assessment. No way is it possible that any one would say what Reid said of Thomas about ANY white guy on the court. Black liberals agree too with Reid. Just because one is a black liberal, it does not mean they cannot be racist. Think of various racially oriented statements Julian Bond, Sharpton, Belafonte and a gazillion others had said about Powell and Rice.

Ironically, this is getting so absurd we now have Ann Coulter and Al Sharpton appearing together all over the tube yukking it up about Negro dialect. This is actually a good thing as it is one big Eddie Murphy reality TV skit. I was just trying to do my part in bringing the whole issue into the realm of the absurd where it belongs!

But Reid is still a racist---as are those who did not defend Thomas---as is Biden. People who speak that way in public---it is insane really---speak and think a lot worse in private. I really do believe that.

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