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November 17, 2009


Karl Wingenbach

Mr. Rulle,
Thanks for the article. Relatedly, have you read "Superfreakonomics" by Steven Levitt? He also makes the economic argument that many of the life extending treatments are, essentially, a waste of money because people "only" live a few months longer with the treatments. The unstated implication is that society cannot afford these treatments. Sounds a lot like justification for the "death panels." There is probably a better label for these panels that wouldn't be so politically hot...that would then allow reasonable people to listen to the debate. Bottom line, at least from my perspective, clearly there is an influential cadre who want to make those end of life treatment decisions and take that option away from the consumer/patient.

Robert Golubski

We do need health care reform but DEFINITELY NOT government-run health care. No way they can do a good job when you look at the shape that social security and medicare is in. Don't want that kind of poor management overseeing my health.

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