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November 16, 2009



there's no way they'll let him go free. my opinion: they've got so much evidence that has not yet been released to the public, this jury won't need to deliberate at all.

there is just no possible way Obama would risk the outcome of Mohammed going free. they know things we don't.

i look forward to the day when a jury of american citizens sends this guy off. justice will be served.

C.L. Williamson

The hubris in the White House is beyond any limits we've ever seen. Don't be so sure they won't crew this up. this is not a "tap in".

Mike Rulle

Jon--then its not s free trial if "there's no way they'll let him go free." How does that showcase our legal system if we cannot let him go free? Is he "presumed innocent" or not?. My point is they will not let him go free, however--regardless. Hence, a "show trial". So why the show trial?


because that's what Obama (and our country in general) is all about...show!

when i say "they'll never let him go" i mean that they must have so much evidence against this guy, they're not actually taking a risk. but, i don't believe they would be able to do anything if the jury acquits him.

i sort of imagine a scenario in which obama and axelrod are trying to decide whether to send him to military or civilian court, they review the case details and say, look, this guy is going to be found guilty in no time, why not make a good photo op and have him sentenced in NYC court by a jury, that will show the world how awesome america is!

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