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September 16, 2009



Ironically, the way "reform" is headed now it will screw Obama's biggest supporters, the young. The young already help pay for the cost of elderly care through Medicare taxes. Now they will get to pay a second time by being mandated to purchase insurance. Young people should have catastrophic insurance (as everyone should), but the mandates require that they buy typical "first-dollar" type insurance so that they can subsidize the less-healthy's first-dollar insurance. I doubt the young thought this was the hope and change they signed up for.

The Republicans should point this out forcefully. I agree that not a single Republican should sign on to any compromise. Let the Democrats wear this one by themselves. They will ultimately be despised for it.

Mike Rulle

Agree on the irony of the young---however, most can't add or multiply so they won't even notice


that little blurb on the economy really put things it perspective for me. i really know nothing about economics, but i feel i should have some opinions on the issue to inform my political leanings.

now i get it. if we want this kind of thing never to happen again, you need to let the risk-takers fail. makes total sense. doing anything else will just reassure these companies that they can keep on keepin on, just move into a different high-risk arena and suck it dry. i wish someone on the news would put it into simplistic terms like this. clouding the issue with spin, partisanship, and ego (enter every single "journalist" on cable news, Liberal or Conservative) just gets us further from the issue and solution. conservatives tended to blame it all on Obama/liberal spending blah blah, but I get the impression McCain would have made the same ill-informed decision. Bush sure did.

the fault seems not to lie not between partisan lines, but in the hypocritical nature of the political system in general.

Mike Rulle

I agree. As a conservative, ironically, I am glad McCain did not get elected in a way. Because he would have continued the Bush policies too--and people would have thought correctly that "they are all the same". Maybe in the end they are---but a true economic conservative would never have let it happen this way--so perhaps there is hope out there--but I am not yet holding my breath.

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