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September 03, 2009



I am actually more optimistic that this will not be enacted than I was in 1994 with HillaryCare. In 1994 the Republicans put forward an alternative proposal that could only be described as HillaryCare Lite. I thought at that moment that it was inevitable that something would be enacted, but somehow it died. Now the Republicans seem to be hanging tough and the Democrats who care about re-election really don't seem to have the stomach to do this on their own. I never thought I would say this but thank God for the Congressional Budget Office.

What I have never understood is how any clear-thinking liberal could ever think that universal coverage provided by the government would actually improve very many people's lives. It just runs counter to history and common sense to think that government could fulfill this function at all competently.

Mike Rulle

I really don't get it either. Perhaps they do not believe a government option inevitably leads to single payer--even as the proponents of the government option say that is ultimately what they want. It is bizarre. Or perhaps they think a government rationed lotto system, where 15-20% lose, is more "moral" than a market system where 5-10% lose---or something along those lines. But I definitely do not get it.

Guy Average

There is only one motivation for this, and for the "Economic Stimulus" and everything else in the pipeline of "legislation"...the centralization of power. The Constitution was written in order to avoid a strong central government. These folks don't give a rip about the Constitution, though. Their seminal document is the Communist Manifesto, and while that statement is true, it sounds unfortunately so outrageous to so many people to even think that it can be happening here in the USA, so many are collectively fiddling while Rome burns.

Rick Gilbert

Obama does not care at all about health care, green jobs or carbon output, it all leads to one thing, POWER in his HANDS. I believe that is his mandate from the ruling elite and they think he can pull it off as they steal from the treasury through the Fed. How much money has been printed and sent off overseas to 14 central banks and how much money has been given to their friends here on Wall Street. We are being stolen from, lied to and are now we may be ready to stop it, I hope. Healthcare, Green whatever or carbon somethings are a front friends, look behind the curtain as Guy Average has!


i've been wondering why everyone is focused heavily on the 'provider' (insurance vehicle) and not on the 'producer' (physicians, medical community, pharma, therapy, etc).

what happens with a state run option (or rather fed run option) which sets reimbursement thresholds, common care and policy standards to the 'producer'? is what they produce (taking your food analogy) now dictated to them by the 'provider'? the producer who at one time provided berries and cream could be told he is no longer to provide cream, it is a non essential, and therefore must substitute / compensate his decreased product line with a new product authorised by the 'provider'? is the level of service dictated to the 'producer' by the 'provider'?

i not only think its dangerous to the medical service / product line we now have available to us (by state option regulations imposed upon them -- more mediocrity / forced concepts of market) but to the future of research and development community.

i want to know the detail. i want to know how far the regulatory body ventures into the 'standard' services provided...and i do not want to see the regulatory body competing in the industry.

so many dependencies in the equation. so many scenarios.


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Nationalization of helt care is not bad either...But to attain this, we need to reform first the sector. Then let the people decide what is the best for them..

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Yes, I fully agree that Nationalization of helt care is not bad! There are a lot of advantages in this.

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If the nationalization of health care can help the people and can save the national, why not?

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i agree with nationalization of health care. it will help to create a balanced health care society. but nationalization may decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care sector, the reason is there is no competitors.

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Yes, I fully agree that Nationalization of helt care is not bad! There are a lot of advantages in this.

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Larry Blair

Thats a very grim outlook on things

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Thats such a negative outlook, I loved Reagen because he was always so positive!

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Yes, I fully agree that Nationalization of helt care is not bad! There are a lot of advantages in this....

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It seems that Obama cannot do anything right for this country. I do not agree with anything he is currently doing.


I cant say I have liked much Obama has done either but that seems to be the name of the game for presidents lately.


I cant agree with you more Ryan

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