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August 18, 2009


Patrick Of Atlantis

You know that if Obama had gotten straight 'A's, everyone in the world would know about. If Obama had gotten better grades than George W. Bush, everyone in the world would know about it.


On the Tonight Show, Obama admitted that he belongs in classes for the developmentally challenged.


lawyers always think they are the smartest people in the room. however, 9 out of 10 of them would flunk out if they had to study applied sciences (physics, chemistry), engineering (electrical, chemical), or mathematics. obama strikes me as the type of "academic" who has learned that doublespeak, delivered convincingly, can mask all manner of intellectual deficiencies.


Consider this. Perhaps Obama will not release his school records because he claimed on his applications for matriculation that he was born in Kenya.


"But Beschloss calls him the smartest president ever. That just tells me that Beschloss is the dumbest historian ever."

This is the greatest editorial ever.


Can you say....'affirmative action'?


As an academic myself, I can say with total conviction that turning the US government over to an "intellectual" like Obama is like turning a pro football team over to an armchair quarterback.


His first day in office he signed an Ex. Order# 13489 that sealed his records. Google Executive Records and see that order.


This is a great analysis. It seems the libs always have a brilliant candidate and even some conservatives buy into the notion that elected presidents are highly intelligent. Give me a break. These bozos get elected on the strength of their finanacial backing and social connections not on their intellect. I have to agree that none of them could handle any of the basic sciences or higher mathmatics. Lets face it folks politicians are politicians precisely because they are not the sharpest tacks in the box!


Americans elected someone they knew almost nothing about. They didn't seem to have a problem with it then, and Obama seems to want to keep it that way.

The "Free Press" hasn't done very well at getting him to disclose who he is and what he actually stands for.
It's shameful.

Mike Rulle

Beschloss is remarkably absurd--if you listened to his Imus interview. And he is an ostensibly serious guy. But Obama writes 2 memoirs, themselves plausibly ghost written w/o attribution, and that is the "official" history. No more needs to be done. Now he is trying to pull the same thing on health care. And when people do not buy it, they some how are the dopes. He is bad and getting worse.


I don't know who George Allen Miller is, but apparently he thought Barry's administration would be more transparent??


Lost the link on the last post so here it is!



He is nothing but a fraud. He claimed "foreigner" status and got special grants and set-asides. It doesn't matter about his birth records, the school records are more imporetant. We need to see his school records. He won't show them because he knows he lied about his citizenship just to get in. How else could someone in the bottom of his class get into Harvard? Publish the records and we can impeach him for the liar that he is.

Andrew Sheldrick

I recommend that JRo take the time to read Executive Order 13489 rather than rely on the FreedonWorks Cliff Notes. EO 13489 did not "seal Obama's records". It reversed a Bush Administration EO amending the process for the release of Presidential records; the Bush Order had significantly extended the scope of the executive privilege doctrine, in the process repealing an EO signed by President Reagan. The Obama EO restores the substance of the Reagan EO and thereby INCREASES public access to Presidential records. None of these EOs affects what constitutes a "Presidential record", which is governed by the Presidential Records Act itself.

The widespread propagation of these silly and unfounded statements is a serious impediment to meaningful debate on healthcare or any other major issue. We are - to quite Barney Frank - becoming a nation of dining room tables.


I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person, but am certainly well short of being a genius. In college and grad school if I worked really hard I got very good grades. When I didn't work hard I got B's and a very occassionnl and painful C. I remember really envying the guys who could nail exams without working hard. To me they were the "geniuses". And when those people found subjects which motivated them to work hard, they could be scary smart.

Projecting this personal experience means one thing to me. Obama is far from a genius. If he were, he would have pulled great grades at Occidental and Columbia, regardless of his poor work habits. The fact that he couldn't means he is like me, a person with a pedestrian intellect.

I'm sorry to rain on the parade of those who want to bestow magical powers on Obama, but he is rather ordinary.

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is obama puppet?



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maz hess

A president is smart, when he succeeds in protecting his country from bad things. But events which don't happen you can't mesure. What you can mesure is how he fights his opponents: An indication could be how many win-win situation he is able to create. When you look at the 2012 election you see only win-win situations for obama. So maybe he has an iq-score over 200 points over all.....

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