My name is Michael Rulle and I live in north central New Jersey. My wife and I are very lucky to have each other and our 3 children ages 17-24

I grew up in central Nassau County Long Island in the 50s and 60s. I attended Hobart College and also spent seven years in graduate school at William and Mary and Columbia studying political philosophy and finance.

My professional career began in 1979 on Wall Street. I have been an Executive Committee member at Lehman, the CEO of CIBC World Markets Inc., and the President of two "hedge funds", Hamilton Partners and Graham Capital.

I enjoy politics and financial markets. This is the golden age of the dilettante. The 80/20 rule applies. It may even be the 95/5 rule. With 5% of the effort one can appear to have 95% of the knowledge on almost any topic. The "80-20" rule was coined from the work of Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto on the distribution of wealth in societies. Evidence that we live in the the golden age of the dilettante can be demonstrated by typing "80-20 rule" into Google. Any one can appear knowledgeable about Pareto.

My intellectual interest is studying logical or statistical inference applied to finance and politics. I try to be better than "80-20" in these areas. This can lead down many tributaries, especially media gullibility.


financial markets, sports, history of the universe, crisply written crime novels (e.g. elmore leonard), politics and policies, and crime movies and television shows